Info お知らせ

2020-08-27 18:29:00

◆For oversea's customer

Although we receive inquiries from overseas,

we are currently canceling most of our direct overseas shipments (EMS, small paket).

Because of the impact of COVID-19,

air transportation to many countries has been suspended or delayed.


◆EMS delivery canceled area from Japan. (27,August,2020)

*USA (Can be shipped by sea/Arrive more than 6 months later)



*Greece, Eastern Europe

* Russia, Ukraine

* Brazil, Peru  and more.

◆Currently EMS arrival delay area from Japan.  (1-6 months, excerpt)(27,August,2020)







*Hong Kong

*Korea    and more.

Alchemiclabo does not use shipping companies such as DHL.

If we use DHL, the shipping cost will be more than double that of EMS.


If you want to buy UNOA Doll immediately,

please use the international shopping service.

They use DHL delivery.

Their DHL shipping fee is about the same as EMS.

(Unoa doll fullset is about 1.5~2.0kg, one face box is about 100~400g.) to ship Japanese products around the world.

in English

in chinese

in chinese


If you apply using,

We will send you a gift (1 B-grade UNOA face, random selection) with your order.

Of course, you can also buy using another shopping service.



With thanks from Japan.